Why Join PRSP

General Membership Meetings (GMM)

GMMs are the quarterly gatherings of PRSP members, often mounted in the months of April, June, August, and December. During these assemblies, the PRSP President and Board Officers report to the members the financial status of the organization, successful projects and events that transpired in the past quarter, accomplishments to be recognized, and endeavors that must be promoted. The organization also invites guest speakers to discuss trends, issues, and best practices in the PR industry as part of the PRSP’s advocacy of providing professional development for its members. During the GMMs, the association also gives tribute to all members celebrating their birthday during that quarter.

PR Congress

The PR Congress is a 2-day conference spearhead by PRSP annually and attended by local and international delegates who are PR and communication professionals from various corporate industries as well as from the government and academe. The conference showcases best practices in PR and discusses the hottest topics governing corporate communication, all anchored on the congress theme for the year and delivered by reputable and competent local and global guest speakers.

Students' PR Congress

PRSP has been organizing the annual Students’ PR Congress and Grand Prix Students’ Competition for students in the fields of communications, advertising and media. This is a 2- day event, first day is series of talks and forum that give students a look at current industry practices, trends, issues and concerns. The second day is the inter- school competition that allows students to apply their learning into an actual communication plan and align what they have learned in the classroom to the actual working environment. The organization gives participating schools a case study to work on wherein the topics are relevant to governance, environment, and other issues and advocacies significant to the country.

Anvil Awards

The Anvil Awards is presented annually by the PRSP, and is the symbol of Excellence in Public Relations. It is awarded to outstanding public relations programs, tools and, now, practitioners after careful screening by select PR professionals and judging by a distinguished multi- sectoral jury.

2. Membership Process

2.1 Download PRSP Membership Form (please provide link, attached is the membership form)
2.2 Email the accomplished the membership form to secretariat@prsp.ph
2.3 Your application for membership will be endorsed to the PRSP Board.
2.4 You will be informed by the PRSP Secretariat through email once your application has been approved and will be invited to the Induction of New PRSP Members. Orientation shall be given to you before the induction.
2.5 The Statement of Billing for your membership fee will be sent to you after the oath taking.

3. Get in Touch

For your inquiry and concerns, you may get in touch with us through secretariat@prsp.ph or call us through 751-4506, 623-9479, and 0917- 5995072. Our office hours is from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Kindly look for Ms. Lourdes De Guzman, PRSP Office Manager or any of our staff, Jam or Neil.